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Work means more to you than sitting behind a desk or running around, following orders. You like clear targets and want to achieve them in your own way. There is one place, more than any other, that offers everything you need to build the career you have always dreamed of.

Need a reality check first?
Here are Crosspoint people telling their stories.

Dimitri talks about Data Intelligence

Even when it comes to digital data, companies still need human strength to analyse and decide. That is why we empower our employees with soft skills trainings, career advice, personal coaching and everything they need to make their masterminds comfortable. Dimitri Maesfranckx, one of our Data Intelligence experts, attests.

Here's Hans, discussing Customer Intelligence

Our employees? We treat them as customers and stimulate them to realize their ambitions. We challenge them to keep everyone innovative and offer the latest technologies to make our staff and our clients future-proof. Hans Ortmans, Senior CRM Consultant, testifies.

Artificial Intelligence with Adam

Robots are capable of many things, but they won't buy you a drink after work or make a good joke. Your personality is what defines you, so we carefully match you with a client and your colleagues. We make sure your end up in the right team. Adam Blazejczak, Data Scientist, explains how you can enjoy the atmosphere while keeping up the work ethic.

Why careers take off at Crosspoint

It’s all about you!

It’s all about you!

Every job interview at Crosspoint starts by asking: Who are you? What are you passionate about? We strive to get you the job that best matches who you are. And that is just the start. We then monitor your satisfaction and give you the tools to grow in your career and reach your long-term objectives.

Realize your dreams!

Realize your dreams!

Want to be a technical guru or a functional expert, or have you always dreamed of a career in sales? At Crosspoint, everything is possible. We encourage your entrepreneurial ambitions. We can help you set up your own company by providing a training programme and the support needed to get your business off to a successful start.

Passionate about technology!

Passionate about technology!

Above all, we are technology experts. We have strong technological partnerships with most of the major market and product leaders (Microsoft, Salesforce, Tableau, Hadoop, etc.), so you have easy access to the latest developments, training and certification courses.

Enriching fellow experts!

Enriching fellow experts!

Be the very best in what you do and become part of a team of experts! Crosspoint makes sure that you become an expert in the technology of your choice. We offer many opportunities to exchange ideas, learn from one other and lean on the complementary technical expertise of your team members.

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