Analytics consultant (Tableau)



You love data. You’re intellectually curious. You’re honest. Your friends describe you as “friendly,” “analytical” or just “a data geek.” You’re passionate about doing great work and exceeding expectations. You’re a clear, confident, concise communicator — written and spoken, large group or one-on-one, English and Dutch.

Our team of analytics consultants works with some of the largest and coolest organizations in the world. We help them to see and understand their data. When we help them see and understand their data, they gain better business insights. These better insights lead to better actions. These better actions improve their organizations, which improves the world. So, in a way, we are world-changers
But back to you:
You want to “excel” at turning data into visualization and turning visualizations into insights. You grok new things quickly: new business concepts, new data models, new analytical questions, and new clients. You’re eager to master the leading data visualization platform: Tableau.
Lastly, you’re driven to deliver. You hit deadlines. You get stuff done.

If you’re like us, you are comfortable with life on the go, working at client locations from Antwerp to Zürich. You can be productive anywhere, even when clients are demanding and deadlines are looming. You self-organize and self-motivate. You love solving challenging problems, helping people find answers in data.

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